Flight to the Monster Country

Flight to the Monster Country 1986

Boys and girls, as well as their parents, were preparing for the start of a new school year. It was to this event that the townspeople of the fabulous city timed the launch of the next rocket plane. But on the eve of the holiday, some Arbuzik and Bebeshka kidnapped several schoolchildren and on this very rocket plane delivered them to the enchanted kingdom. However, the guys were extremely savvy and brave: they conjured the land of monsters into a beautiful magical country - and by September 1 they had safely returned home.

Suatukala: Timun Mas & Ijo

Suatukala: Timun Mas & Ijo 2019

A modern retelling of a Nusantara fairy tale. In this installment, Timun Mas is a girl born out of a giant cucumber and gifted with strong Indera powers. She is raised by a Loka farmer named Mbak Sarini, who trains her to fight and survive an impending attack. One day, she is forced to leave her home when she learns a menacing giant named Ijo is hunting her. Timun Mas must rely on her bravery, skills and magic to survive, but ultimately they become friends.

Diary, letter and first grader

Diary, letter and first grader 1984

Fifth-graders Ulugbeg and Mirvali academic success did not differ. And when the teacher asked Ulugbek to give the letter to his father, the boy thought it best not to carry out this assignment. He also helped the first-grader Umida to correct one for four in her diary. However, thinking about their actions, Ulugbek and Mirvali change their attitude to study and decide to re-educate lazy Umida.

No me despertéis

No me despertéis 2018

Jone is a sixteen year old girl that lives in Bilbao (Basque Country) in 2009. In her highschool you can feel the independentist environment, demonstrations, strikes... are usuals between the students organizations. In this moment her dad starts to work int the Basque Government, between other things he has to go with body guards. This situation will change Jones life and she will have to learn to live between two worlds that she doesn't understand yet, and to understand that not everything is black or white.

My Friend Walter

My Friend Walter 1992

Sir Walter Raleigh,who laid his cloak over a puddle so Queen Elizabeth I could cross, meets up with his friend and long lost cousin: Bess Throckmorton.He lives with them as a ghost but causes a bit of havoc! So, what will happen next?... Based on the book by Michael Morpurgo

The Year I Did Nothing

The Year I Did Nothing 2019

Set in 1985, Manila, 3 siblings spend an extended summer waiting to immigrate to the United States, while their country gets ready to evict their homeland's notorious dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

Carl's Motel

Carl's Motel 2019

Carl's Motel is set over the course of 15 minutes in a motel room where Jack grapples with the choices he has made and is forced to come to terms with his own personal turmoil. This film is inspired by Sam Shepard's Coalinga 1/2 way.

Zôressha ga Yatte Kita

Zôressha ga Yatte Kita 1992

During WWII most zoo animals that could pose a danger to the public were slaughtered. Only two elephants survived the war, and trains were arranged to bring children from all over the country to see them.


Chhadmabeshi 1971

A romantic comedy, where a newlywed couple and their friend pulls a prank on the bride's unsuspecting elder brother and his wife. The groom poses as the driver for the family and the friend poses as the groom. What ensues is an all-time classic of Bengali Cinema.

Bumi Itu Bulat

Bumi Itu Bulat 2019

Rahabi, Markus, Hitu, Sayid and Tiara formed an acapella group named Rujak Acapella. Rahabi wants Rujak Acapella to succeed to paid his little sister, Rara's tuition college. The way opened when Aldi, a music poducer offered them a contract; with a condition Aisha must join Rujak Acapella. Rahabi finally must make a choice, whether he must chase his dream, with the risk he must lose everyone he cared about.

Ooops! The Adventure Continues...

Ooops! The Adventure Continues...

The Honeymoon is over… How we enjoyed the party when our amphibious Nestrian chums discovered their incredible newfound agility underwater! But, when we revisit our curious, loveable pals, the entire animal kingdom’s survival is once again at stake. Amid the prospect of no new land on which to live and prosper, not to mention the ever-diminishing food resources, the mood on board the Ark is laden with mounting tensions, which regularly spill over into ark rage. Fragile peace is frequently broken with general chaos ensuing. How can our unlikely heroes help? And what lies beneath for Finny in an oceanful of possibilities when he quite literally falls into some rather surprising new company?

Winter of Black Snow

Winter of Black Snow 1979

It follows a year in the life of a family in the North-Eastern part of Finland. From the gloomy days of winter to the Mid Summer wedding festivities.

When My Mom Died, I Wanted to Eat Her Ashes

When My Mom Died, I Wanted to Eat Her Ashes 2019

When Satoshi was little, his mother Akiko always took good care of him. She was gentle, but mentally strong. However, two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and now it's Satoshi's turn to comfort and care for her. However, despite his best efforts, she passes away. A year after Akiko's passing, Satoshi, his father Toshiaki and his older brother Yuichi start new lives. Around that time, Satoshi receives a present from his mother.


Agnee 1988

Agnee is a family action drama featuring Mithun Chakraborty and Chunky Pandey in lead roles, supported by Amrita Singh, Mandakini, Moushumi Chatterjee, Anupam Kher and Alok Nath.