Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol

Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol 1979

Charled Dicken's tale A Christmas Carol takes a contemporary jolt in this original musical set in modern-day Tennessee. Cyrus Flint is a mean old banker whose one and only concern is the welfare of Flint City Bank. Dennis and Laura Pritchett are two parents struggling to make enough money to pay for an operation their son needs. Flint is organizing a songwriting and singing contest with a $2000 first prize to promote his bank.

Dos locos en escena

Dos locos en escena 1960

Viruta and Capulina, magicians working in a theater where the actors delegate dishonest ratchets, is assassinated by two stagehands to remove payroll and left her body in the clubhouse Cristas singer Virutas girlfriend. He and Capulina move the body in a trunk to utility room but the trunk is base off and the body is in the Viruta's room. A lush Chasing Coquis showgirl girlfriend Capulina, stains of red paint and falls asleep, believing him dead detectives accuse Capulina and Viruta of murder.

The Cat Gang

The Cat Gang 1959

The Cat Gang is a group of precocious British kids. They have a habit of hanging around a grown-up customs official who wishes that they'd beat it. But the Gang comes in handy when a smuggling gang arrives on the scene.

The Scent of Carrots

The Scent of Carrots 2013

A rabbit and a squirrel, neighbours and good friends, both love food and good company. They nevertheless quarrel over their different tastes. The squirrel moves out during the night and is caught by a fox…

Three Little Kittens

Three Little Kittens 1934

Three Kittens enjoy their day at play in the kitchen. This is known for the final two minutes involving one of the most infamous moments in early animation when they encounter a rat in the wall

7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita

7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita 2011

7 Hati follows the story of seven women who are unknowingly interconnected. The lead character, Kartini (Jajang C. Noer), is a 45-year-old obstetrician who finds herself increasingly sympathetic with her patients. These patients include Ratna (Intan Kieflie), a hijab-wearing woman who is pregnant for the first time; Rara (Tamara Tyasmara), Ratna's 14-year-old sister; Yanti (Happy Salma), a prostitute; Lili (Olga Lydia), a pregnant Chinese Indonesian woman; and Lastri (Radia), an obese woman.

Two Years

Two Years 2010

Two brothers, one of whom suffers from a traumatic brain injury, struggle to survive on their own.

Wind of Wandering

Wind of Wandering 1978

Two young children are traveling through all the USSR in order to meet their father who is wounded in the hospital.

Blinker's Spy-Spotter

Blinker's Spy-Spotter 1972

Blinker, so named because he blinks whenever he has a bright idea for a new invention, is the son of an eccentric Professor who is developing a top secret Pulsar Crystal X. Blinker's inventions help him to be a successful goalkeeper and to keep an eye on The Masons gang - and some real crooks.

Precise Peter

Precise Peter 2010

Since the birth of his junior, precise Peter has been looking forward to this day! Finally the little tyke will be introduced to the subtleties of the family ritual. The fish is ready, the garden prepared and the sun is shining as planned. The great dinner ceremony may begin!

Veggietales: I Can Be Your Friend

Veggietales: I Can Be Your Friend 2010

Does Aunt Ruth have a BEARD? This DVD includes ten great silly songs presented in karaoke style. Words on the screen are followed by a bouncing icon to help kids sing along to our favorite Veggie Songs!