Spooked 2008

A private eye has to face his demons while on a stakeout in a haunted house.


Rikedom 1978

Johan enjoys the autumn work in the small park in his hometown, but he is worried ...

The Siding

The Siding 1968

A journalist is preparing to take a train trip, when he is confronted by the spirit of professor Ryszpans who tells what happened to him. When he boarded a train standing on a siding, he encountered trackman Wiór with a newspaper informing about the crash of the train and the death of several passengers, including professor Ryszpans. The professor is joined by engineer Zniesławski, who has also heard of the impending disaster and is interested in it from the technical side. On hearing the news of an approaching catastrophe, other passengers leave the train in panic at the next station. However, trackman Wiór manages to hypnotize several travelers who continue with the journey. Ryszpans hears a roar and sees objects crumbling around him, and then turns into a shadow. After hearing the story, the journalist resigns from his train trip.

Det polska korset

Det polska korset 2001

Philip's mother is ready to leave and Filip has to spend a night in a rural castle together with the daughter of one of his mother's workmates and a delayed babysitter. Also the castle is rumored to be haunted.

A Heart of Gold

A Heart of Gold 1982

Tulle is a 9-year-old girl who spends the summer in the countryside with her mom and dad. The parents arguing and a divorce is imminent. Tulle longing for her friend Susse, who is still in the city.

Franklin & Friends: Deep Sea Voyage

Franklin & Friends: Deep Sea Voyage 2014

A tropical island vacation with the Turtle family and Bear turns into an underwater exploration adventure! Franklin and Bear are thrilled when Mr. Turtle surprises the boys with a tour of their favorite submarine rescue sub, the Aqua-Rescue 3000, only to be disappointed when they arrive to find that the tour has been canceled.

Yellow Hat

Yellow Hat 2015

A mood-based, audio-visual film, inspired by and with Virpi Pahkin's dance.

Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey 1989

When a group of generals from the Pentagon notify General Halftrack that they want to inspect a model of the modern soldier, Beetle Bailey probably wasn't what they had in mind.

The Human Face

The Human Face 1991

A highly innovative arts documentary, which uses the latest special effects, to investigate the cultural and scientific background behind the way we judge people by their face. The documentary was presented by US artist and musician, Laurie Anderson whose face was transformed into iconic and historic stereotypes as she talked. Special effects were created by Christopher Tucker.