Bari 1994

A Native American woman flees from an obsessive fur trader who stalks her across the wilds of turn of the century North America. In her travels, a wolf becomes her guardian. Sequel to Eye of the Wolf (1994).


Boa 2006

A group of teenagers journeys to a remote forest in search of a friend who's been reported as lost after his trip to the forest. While searching, they are caught in a brutal wind storm which blows their vessel into the middle of the forest. The teenagers are forced to seek shelter in a dark cave where, unbeknownst to them, an unusual creature is silently resting...


Popcorn 2016

Kinder comes in search of his love to Kerala from his hometown. He comes across Joy and they jointly try to track the lady. He meets Sharon who is in pursuit of her absconding boyfriend and she offers him wealth if he assists her.

Ringing Sword

Ringing Sword 1969

Clad in white and wielding the deadly Ringing Sword, the beautiful Yeh Chiu Lu wanders the countryside righting the wrongs perpetrated by the White-Haired Warlord, Tsao Tan (Law Bun, "King Of Kings"). Determined to wipe out the Chiang Clan, Tsao Tan sets his swordsman to capture Master Chiang (Kong Ban, "Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue"), the last of the clan. Only the Ringing Sword and a mysterious ninja, with his own vendetta against Tsao Tan, stand in his way.

Almas rebeldes

Almas rebeldes 1937

Mexican Revolution: a small squadron of insurgents are chosen to trek to US border and pick up an arms shipment.

The Blue Peter

The Blue Peter 1955

A Merchant Navy hero of the Korean War returns to England after three years of captivity in Communist hands, his mind confused by brain-washing and indoctrination at the hands of his captors, and accepts a post as an instructor at the Outward Bound Sea School.

Trail of the Yukon

Trail of the Yukon 1949

When the local Banker jumps the Blaine's claim, they have men rob the bank to retrieve their money. When the men try to double-cross the Blains, a gunfight erupts and Jim Blaine gets away with the money. Mountie Bob McDonald gets Jim Blaine to return the money. Bob thinks the Banker was really behind the robbery and now uses the money to try and lure him into a trap.

The Dwarf in China

The Dwarf in China 2014

A dwarf, a dragon, and a golden egg. Yet the real fairy-tale of this film is the journey of Jeanmarie, the Dutch street performer. In an adventurous project, Jeanmarie teams up with youth worker Frank to travel through the last remaining untouched regions of China, performing his new show to local children. As they transport their wondrous music machine from village to village, they bring laughter and intrigue to all who witness their magical performance, reuniting reality with fantasy, Europe and Asia. In a film as imaginative and whimsical as Jeanmarie's play itself, this is a poignant tale of passion and conviction to follow and fulfil your dreams.

1985 The Movie

1985 The Movie 2016

When an adventurous Hmong teen discovers a secret map to a mythical dragon, he and his three best friends decide to go on a quest that leads them on a journey filled with danger, excitement, and self-discovery.

The Big Dam

The Big Dam 2015

A 10-year-old boy sets off on a long-promised adventure with his father to discover Europe's biggest dam. But as they progress, harbored feelings surface and their relationship is put to a test. The dam they eventually face is not the one initially dreamed of.

The Fallen

The Fallen 2016

A band of battle-tested Vikings escort home their injured king when they meet an out of this world warrior for they could never have been prepared to fight.