Thanatos Rising

Thanatos Rising 2012

Pit chases down Thanatos, the god of Death, to stop his evil "Trojan horse"-style machine from destroying the city.

Medusa's Revenge

Medusa's Revenge 2012

Medusa and Palutena's rivalry stretches back many years before Pit, and continues to the present. Learn their past history and see how Pit goes up against her with Palutena's help.


Orphine 2014

A woman descends into the Underworld to confront her sister, Death, and to bring back her unborn child.


Interlinings 2015

Our fate is the hands of three sisters: Clotho, Atrophos y Laquesis. The latter has decided to destroy the world, but love has not said her last word.

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines 2014

On the verge of despair at his overly controlled life, a repressed teenage geek attends a student conference where he picks up the thoughts of a rebellious, adolescent schizophrenic and realises that he is telepathic; but when he is kidnapped by a scientist engaged in unethical experiments, he must grow up, take the lead and enlist the help of this unlikely friend before he and other young telepaths are killed.

Ghost Forest

Ghost Forest 2013

A beautiful native guide splits the loyalties of two guides seeking the sky burial platforms from the Orphan Tsunami of 1700. But they found too late that she will never let them leave the forest alive.

O' Faby

O' Faby 1993

O'Faby was the first live action animated movie in Malayalam. It tells the story about the friendship between a boy and an animated character Faby and their adventures.

The Firebird

The Firebird 1984

Vasilisa the Beautiful is kidnapped by an evil force that has invaded her kingdom. Prince Ivan fails when he tries to save her and the kingdom. He decides to seek help from the mighty firebird.

Colorful Ninja Iromaki

Colorful Ninja Iromaki 2016

Third-grader Himeno moves to a huge mansion in the country. However, she soon finds out it's a ninja house! The ninjas Akamaki, Aomaki, and Kiiromaki mistake Himeno for a princess and begin solving problems for her with their own unique skills. But that is not the full extent of their powers! When Aomaki and Kiiromaki combine, they form Midorimaki. Similarly, when Akamaki and Aomaki combine, they form Murasakimaki; and when Akamaki and Kiiromaki combine, they form Daidaimaki. Life with these colorful ninjas has only begun when they discover a large tornado heading for the mansion. What will happen to Himeno's family? Can the colorful ninjas protect Himeno?

The Inn Among the Hills

The Inn Among the Hills 1988

In order to obtain a title, Iordache, recently becoming wealthy, marries his daughter with a noble on hard times, Ștefan. On his way to Iordache's estate, he stops an Mânjoalâ's inn, where he discovers a mysterious world and falls for the innkeeper. Based on Caragiale's novel, "La Hanul lui Mânjoală”. Last film role for Gina Patrichi.

Out Of The Fog

Out Of The Fog 2009

A geologist, Sarah Portico, travels to a remote island to investigate an environmental mystery. Upon her arrival, she experiences strange visions, dreams that seem to predict her future, and eventually force her to confront her painful past. As Sarah uncovers the cause of the environmental mystery, she discovers her true self. Out of the Fog is an experiential film about emotional healing and self-discovery.