A Table Game

A Table Game 2017

A hush falls upon the crowd, the commentator awaits the first play, the balls are ready, the first mouth is opened – it’s time to play

Mary and the Seven Dwarfs

Mary and the Seven Dwarfs 2017

Having spent her entire life behind the convent walls, old and dignified nun Mary decides to fulfill her childhood dream. The only obstacle on her way is her fragmentary, almost non-existent memory. Mary is afraid that her ultimate dream may turn out to be a sin instead.

Tappy Toes

Tappy Toes 2011

Tappy Toes is an animated odyssey about a young penguin named Pingo who, after finding a pair of tap shoes in an old steamer trunk, discovers he can do something no other penguin can do...tap dance! But that s not the only thing that makes Pingo unique. He also happens to be raised by a most unlikely duo, Lou and Buddy, two birds of prey who initially set out to make a meal out of Pingo and end up taking him in as their own. Pingos toe tapping skills not only catch the eye of a darling young female penguin, Bella, but they could be the key to stopping the vile hermit crab, Gabby, and his dimwitted sea lion sidekick, Thrasher, from destroying a colony of penguins that are home to Pingos long lost parents.

Un diable dans la poche

Un diable dans la poche 2020

As children play hide and seek, they witness a crime. Only Auguste, the youngest amongst them, no longer wants to carry the burden of keeping the grave secret. A poetically crafted miniature about guilt, betrayal and loyalty.

I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance In My Shadow

I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance In My Shadow 2017

“I don’t want to feel like it’s only me. I know it’s not only me, because there are others out there…” ‘I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance In My Shadow’ is a short visual essay film by artist animator, Jessica Ashman, about navigating the visual art and animation world as a black face in a white space. Using animation and recorded interviews of eight other women of colour artists, ‘I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance In My Shadow’ is an abstract confessional from the director herself: a visualisation of the joy, frustration, wishes and dreams of what it feels like to be a black women and a woman of colour artist, creating and existing.

I'm Still Alive

I'm Still Alive 2017

This bone-chilling minimalistic animation film (made with black, white and red colors only) is voiced by the director herself, the Australian illustrator Anita Lester, whose grand-aunt had lost her entire family in Nazi camps and has then gone mad. Her confused, distorted, extrapolated memories full of despair and horror, of mysterious interiors and someone’s eyes, became the foundation of this impressive conceptual short film.

The Ox

The Ox 2017

An experimental animation film that unfolds an unusual story set in an imaginary land; its aged inhabitants are forced to transform their earth into a golden kingdom by adding a magic fertilizer to their crops. A fearless girl will be their savior.

The Frog Ville

The Frog Ville 2014

Could little Heymon lead his friends escape from terrors safely? Yet, the journey for seeking the refuge must go on.

Not Without My Handbag

Not Without My Handbag 1993

A bizarre, anarchic animation, in which a young girl sees her aunt dragged to hell for missing a payment on the washing machine, only for the undead relative to return from the netherworld to collect her handbag.

Remembering Agatha

Remembering Agatha 2017

For Agatha, Christmas triggers sadness. She yearns for freedom laced with imagination, when magical creatures were part of a game played with friends in the forest. The death of her parents after a 1978 Christmas Party still haunts Agatha. She sees similarities between her parents' unhappy marriage and her own. The Black Madonna statue from her childhood visits Agatha, escalating her anxiety and goading her towards change. The discovery of a mysterious portal offers Agatha the possibility of resolving her grief and saving her crumbling marriage.


Illuminated 2017

Visual artist Eleanor Edwards explores Seasonal Affective Disorder and their effects on creativity in this stylish, unsettling 3D animation.

Delete Beach

Delete Beach 2016

Delete Beach is a futuristic tale set in the near future, in which a schoolgirl joins an anti-capitalist resistance group in a society in which carbon-based energy is illegal. Made in collaboration with Studio 4°C, one of Japan’s leading animation studios.

Eternal Family

Eternal Family 1997

Six men and women who are completely underground to one another have been given false memories and are living together as a family in a capsule hall. They know nothing about the outside world, and that they are broadcasted as a real-life soap opera in the imaginary community of Champon City.

Five Thirty Five

Five Thirty Five 2017

Quitting time it may be, but the commute home tonight has turned the surreal up to 11…or 12!