First Invasion: The War of 1812

First Invasion: The War of 1812 2004

First Invasion: The War of 1812, a History Channel documentary that first aired in 2004, portrays a young United States of America "on the brink of annihilation" as it battles the largest and most powerful empire on earth. Critics say the documentary is far too pro-American, and that it ignores or downplays crucial elements of the War of 1812. Others praise First Invasion for its compelling presentation of a far too neglected period of history.

Donner Pass: The Road to Survival

Donner Pass: The Road to Survival 1978

A grim incident from American pioneer history is recreated as a determined group of settlers, facing almost insurmountable odds, struggles to reach California in 1846. Already divided by internal dissension over the choice of a leader and the selection of a route, the wagon train is soon decimated by Indian raids, a scarcity of food and water, and the unrelenting forces of nature. Finally after months of hardship, the party reaches the High Sierras, only to be stranded in the middle of the pass by an early snowstorm. And as fear of an agonizing death from starvation forces the abandonment of conventional rules of human behavior, the pioneers face a new enemy - each other.

Red Line

Red Line 2012

In 1975, Thomas Harlan's crew filmed Torre Bela's homestead occupation, in the center of Portugal. Three decades later, RED LINE revisits this emblematic film of the Portuguese revolutionary period: in which way did Harlan interfered in the events that seems to naturally develop in front of the camera? What was the impact of the film on the lives of the occupants and the memory of that period?

A Sicilian Heroine

A Sicilian Heroine 1912

This story first takes you to Misslimeri, a little Sicilian village, and into the home of Don Ruggero, a wealthy landowner. Don Ruggero is an iron-hearted man and strongly prejudiced against the lower classes. His son, Corrado, a young fellow, loves Rosalia, a shepherdess, but Don Ruggero has always refused to allow their marriage and to recognize little Vincenzino, their child, as his grandchild. Finally to destroy all Corrado's hopes, he discharges poor Rosalia from his farm, where she had been employed for many years. Even the sight of her departure with Vincenzino in her arms does not soften him. Rosalia is the very ideal of the Sicilian beauty, and Capt. Altieri, an officer in the service of the Dominators, the Bourbons, admires her immensely, but all his approaches are strongly repulsed by her. Don Ruggero and his son have for a long time conspired to free their motherland from the hands of the Bourbons, and when they receive news of the arrival of Garibaldi.

Voices From Hitler's Army

Voices From Hitler's Army 2007

Like old soldiers everywhere, they are fading away, but these German veterans of World War Two have an incredible and sometimes shocking story to tell. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear the last testimonies of Hitler's armies. These are remarkable personal accounts of Germany's rise and fall from the inside. Learn how those responsible for the maelstrom sent their armies to conquer only to see them crushed as the world united against them; of men seduced by the siren call of Hitler only to pay a very heavy price.

Forever 50's

Forever 50's 2003

This special 3-disc collector's edition DVD set uses a compilation of the "best of" Universals Newsreels, short subjects, and movie trailers, which magically captures the essence of the decade of spins, fins, and late night drive-ins. DVD features include 2.5 hours of shorts and trailers, and printed guide booklet. Allow this specially collected selection of Universal Newsreels, short subjects, and movie trailers transport you back to the America of the 1950's. The spirits of cars with fins, drive-ins, and sock hops are called up with these visual documents of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The Edsel, Princess Grace, Sputnik, Joe DiMaggio, Sugar Ray Robinson, Elizabeth Taylor, and more. Whether you were there and just want to relive the good old days, or you missed it and want to see what it was all about, FOREVER 50s is your video time machine.

The Ultimate Space Experience

The Ultimate Space Experience 1998

Through the brilliance of imagery and sound become enthralled with the ambitious yet achievable explorations of mankind to the outer limits of the earth. Witness the primary launching of the space shuttle and feel the trials and tribulations of the Apollo 13. Observe the first space walk on the moon. Behold the dramatic lift off of the Columbia and become astonished by the cataclysmic explosion of the Challenger.

America: The Story of Us Episode 6: Heartland

America: The Story of Us Episode 6: Heartland 2010

The Transcontinental Railroad unites the nation and transforms the American Heartland. Native American civilizations decline as farmers settle the continent. Cattle replace wild buffalo as king of the Great Plains. The cowboy becomes a new American icon.

One Bright Shining Moment

One Bright Shining Moment 2005

ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT retraces George McGovern's bold presidential campaign of 1972 - a grassroots campaign that fought for peace and justice, and positioned ideas and people first. But what is remembered today as being the ultimate political defeat of the American Century may also have been its high watermark. The film poses this central question: what does the crushing electoral defeat of a man so well respected for his decency and intellect say about the electoral process, the American government, and more importantly, what does it say about the forces at work on the American people- then and now? Featuring interviews with the candidate himself, supporters and activists like Gore Vidal, Gloria Steinem, Warren Beatty, Howard Zinn, and music from Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan, and Elvis Costello.

Vzyatki Gladki

Vzyatki Gladki 2008

Фильм является современной экранизацией незабвенной пьесы Александра Островского «Доходное место».

Paul Goodman Changed My Life

Paul Goodman Changed My Life 2011

Paul Goodman, whose best-selling 'Growing Up Absurd' made him the philosopher of the New Left in the 1960s, was also a brilliant poet, out queer (and family man) in the 1940s, radical pacifist and visionary. His ideas and stubborn integrity helped many find a moral compass in the '60's -- and can do so again today.

Russkie Dengi

Russkie Dengi 2006

Хозяйка большого, но расстроенного поместья Меропия Мурзавецкая держит всю свою вотчину в железном кулаке: не спускает лести, подхалимства и слывет на всю округу святой строгой благодетельницей. Но и у нее есть своя слабость — племянник Апполоша, пропойца и неудавшийся хохмач, выгнанный с военной службы за мелкие пакости. Чтобы поправить своё положение и наконец-то пристроить племянника, Меропия решает женить его на богатой соседке, хорошенькой вдовушке Евлампии Купавиной, и ради этого идет на череду подлогов и лжи. Несмотря на то, что Апполон вместо решительного предложения руки и сердца лишь занимает у Купавиной пять рублей на «табачок-с», задумка Мурзавецкой близка к завершению, и наивная овечка Евлампия со всем своим капиталом и необъятными лесами почти оказывается в пасти деспотичной помещицы. Но когда Мурзавецкая уже не сомневается в успехе своей аферы, появляется Василий Беркутов, давний ухажёр Купавиной, прирожденный предприниматель и делец…

National Geographic: Inside Special Forces

National Geographic: Inside Special Forces 2004

Go inside the world's most elite, top secret strike force. Their mission is unique, targeted, dangerous...and only National Geographic will go deep into the secret world of US Special Operations. Follow Special Forces into battle and on secret missions in Afghanistan and Iraq as they face situations where honed skill, finely tuned instincts and split-second decision making are the difference between success and failure...between life and death. Originally aired on 2003-11-05.

Journey Through the Valley of the Kings

Journey Through the Valley of the Kings 2002

Journey Through the Valley of the Kings is an excellent documentary highlighting the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of Egypt's Pharaohs, and transports the viewer to another time allowing one to lay eyes on architectural marvels that have been hidden from view for thousands of years. Shot on location, Kent Weeks does a great job of presenting the actual setting for these magnificent monuments and structures.