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ok here are my personal thought on this movie I think you can say what you want but I really liked it this movie had a lot of action and fun you really cant go wrong here the action packed fun and enjoyment mcconihey was a pure joy as the evil villain he really knows how to excite an audience you need to see this movie
ok so I walked into the theater with full expectations of this one sucking however I really had a nice time watching it this was filled with action and adventure just what you want from a end of summer flick just a good time and loads of fun at the movies
I liked the movie was really good. But yet a little disappointed that the movie missed so many things from the my opinion this should of been done in a series setting..just my two cents
My hard & fast rule of "Never pay ticket price for anything with Matthew McConaughey in a leading role" has served me well once more, because though one of the biggest problems with _The Dark Tower_ was how they tried to squeeze decades of lore into 95 minute movie, the best part about it was still somehow that it was over pretty quick. _Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._
**The dark force, the dark tower and then there's heroes!** Based on the book of the same name. It is a book series, so we can expect a new franchise here. Another fantasy series, but is it worth is the real question. I don't know how famous is the original source, but I did not find the film any good. For me, it was another teen film like the majority of similarly themed films that flopped terribly. But here, an adult holds a prominent role that played by Idris Elba. Maybe this is just an introduction, but still the first impression failed. The youngsters might enjoy it better than the adults. Particularly the teenagers. A teenager having a series of strange dreams about another world is all actually comes true when he enters through a portal to one of those worlds in the same universe. Now he's tailed by a most dangerous force in the universe, but accompanied by a gunslinger, he has to find a way to stop an apocalypse that's going strike his world and to rest of the universe. Being very simple could be the reason I did not enjoy it. Basically, there's no twist in it. What they have called twist was a cliche in this kind of theme. The cast was okay, and so the visuals. But it all points to the story. The sequel could get better, so lets wait and see. In the meantime, I've heard that a completely a new version of the television series is on the development. I hope it works out better than the film franchise. Finally, it is an average film, neither worth nor a waste of time! I hope you make the right decision regarding watching it! _5/10_
Click here for a video version of this review: I’ve not read a lot of Stephen King books, but one which I read and loved was _The Gunslinger_ which is the first book in _The Dark Tower_ series. In 2017 a movie adaptation came out and was named after the series. Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey it was hotly anticipated but was met with bad reviews on release. Having loved _The Gunslinger_ and hearing those reviews it’s taken me a long time to get around to watching this. Having now seen it, I gotta say, I agree with those reviews. It’s not a trash movie, but it is also not even close to being a good movie. The core problem is that there are eight books of source material, and for some reason they try to distil all that lore and world building into one 95min film. For that reason alone it was doomed from the start, but add in hilariously uncharismatic acting, shoddy CGI, and a copy pasted plot from 100 other sci-fi or fantasy films, and you have a recipe for mediocrity. Now I will say, I am not a fan of Idris Elba, but I actually thought he played the part of Roland, the Gunslinger, quite well. As for McConaughey, all this did was confirm for me that he is one of the most overrated actors of our generation. My suggestion would be to avoid the movie and pick up the books, because the books will take you away on an epic journey much much more than this movie ever does.

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