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Adam Sandler's best performance? No. But it's indeed his best since Punch-Drunk Love, which continues to be the pinnacle of his talent. While the film isn't the best talking about technique, it seems to me that its style is totally focused on making the experience an exhausting one. And Uncut Gems is an overwhelming journey full of anxiety and stress. It achieved that splendidly. That's its greatest accomplishment: To immerse you in the entire atmosphere of the environment that Sandler's character inhabits, while we witness the cascade of bad decisions he makes. Perhaps the biggest mistake is how the directors get to over-lengthen the story, which indirectly gets to a point where Sandler's character becomes obnoxious but I think that's part of the experience, because who ever in their right mind would feel more sympathy for a person like him? I mean more than the allowed sympathy anyways. Its ending, although predictable is certainly what he built and there's no learning in it and it doesn't need to be. After all the story was his decline while he believed that he was going to succeed. And yes for a moment he did and for a moment he savored it, but as happens many times in life, good things aren't made to last. Another triumph for A24. 9 likes

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