We Lived for Estonia

We Lived for Estonia 1997

During June 1941, Nazi forces occupied Estonia. By 1944, when the Soviet-Nazi frontline was drawing towards the Estonian border from the East, Alfred Käärmann was conscripted into the German military. By September 1944 the Red Army had again occupied Estonia. Alfred was forced to make a decision: whether to stay in Estonia or retreat with the Germans. He chose the former, However he risked arrest and deportation by the Soviets.

A Trap for the General

A Trap for the General 1971

Immediately after the war, OZNA insert an outstanding intelligence agent to catch the General Draza Mihajlovic.

Four Days to Death

Four Days to Death 1976

Between the two World Wars, Yugoslavia was ruled by a monarchy. This movie explores the difficulties faced by a Communist Party organizer under that regime when an order goes out to kill anyone threatening the current regime. At first he is willing to leave the country, but his experience of the situation of workers moves him to stay. Despite efforts of captors to help him escape, he refuses, and dies a martyr's death.

Doughboys in Ireland

Doughboys in Ireland 1943

According to Doughboys in Ireland, there were those who sang their way through WW2. Radio tenor Kenny Baker plays Manhattan orchestra leading Danny O'Keefe, who is drafted into the army along with a Ritz Brothers-like quartet called The Jesters. Stationed in Ireland, Danny believes that his New York sweetheart Gloria (Lynn Merrick) has forgotten about him, thus he inaugurates a romance with Irish colleen Molly Callahan (Jeff Donnell).

The Riverbed

The Riverbed 2012

Two soldiers lost behind enemy lines reminisce about their lives before war stole their identities.


Alia 2015

Haunted by the memory of civil war, an old Lebanese man revisits the last few moments of a fateful bus ride that leads up to the murder of his beloved.

The Suspected One

The Suspected One 1956

Man escapes from an Italian camp and returns to his island in occupied Dalmatia only to find himself victim of a plot denouncing him as an enemy agent.

Once Upon a Girl

Once Upon a Girl 1944

Woven around the daily lives of two children, nine-year-old Nastenka and five-year-old Katia, this is a story of the 17 months' siege of Leningrad and of the people and families shattered by the war, their homes bombed and destroyed, their lives in a constant anticipation of the advancing German army and air raids.

Winged Warriors

Winged Warriors 2015

A story of war, fear, courage and leadership from the First World War front line when the survival of the last of a platoon of soldiers who reach the enemy trenches depends on their messenger pigeons.

The Somme

The Somme 1930

The Somme (also: The Tomb of the Millions) is the title of a silent documentary drama that Heinz Paul realized in 1930 for the Cando-Film Berlin based on his own script. Paul supplemented scenes with German actors with documentary footage from archive material of German, French and English origin. - Twelve years after the end of the First World War, Heinz Paul records the battle of the Somme in 1916 with original recordings, with over one million dead, the most lossy battle of the war. The archive images are supplemented by game scenes of a German mother who loses her three sons and by trailing front scenes. The Battle of the Somme, in which Allied troops bombarded the German front line, resulted in a months-long war of position. In documentary style, the film shows scenes of the most devastating battle of the First World War. It is narrated from the perspective of a mother who loses her three sons in battle.

The Boundary

The Boundary 2018

The story of three young people whom the war forced to grow up early: Emma, ​​Franz and Bruno - three friends from Trieste, are very close. Their life was mercilessly affected by the First World War, which forces the children to fight for survival, as well as for their love and friendship, although each of them comes from different social strata.