The Boy Who Stole the Elephant

The Boy Who Stole the Elephant 1970

A frontier huckster, Colonel Ryder, and a young orphan, Davey, operate a travelling tent show. They are loaned an elephant by an old friend, Molly, who is also a rival circus owner. Davey trains the elephant and the two soon become inseparable. When the Colonel loses the elephant in gambling, Davey steals the elephant and begins a 20-mile search for Molly, the rightful owner.

Manhattan Magic

Manhattan Magic 2017

A love letter to the past, New York and Woody Allen, three of my biggest inspirations. Written, directed and edited by Diana Silvers. Photography Direction by Diana Silvers and Matt Ninivaggi. Starring Diana Silvers. Music © 1979 George Gerswhin



This short experimental film follows two energetic college students over a day around various locations in three boroughs of New York City.

The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle

The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle 1967

Eagles are the channel to the spirit world for a Hopi Indian boy who defies tribal law and frees a sacred, sacrificial eagle. He is banished from his village to the wilderness, but the eagle teaches him hunting skills and cares for him. He eventually returns, only to be bullied and taunted by the other village boys.

Blood Valentine

Blood Valentine 2019

2. Mother, child, killer code "Blood Valentine". Everything is going well until the daughter loves to want to break the rules. But the mother's order is "Absolutely do not have a boyfriend." Otherwise, that man will be made to disappear immediately. When the mother and daughter go wrong, Blood Valentine's important work goes wrong, causing both to be hunted by the killer organization. Adjustment of understanding on the heap of blood arises.

Rescue Party

Rescue Party 1978

Presents a story about a spaceship from the Galactic Federation which is given a mission to rescue the inhabitants of Earth before the Sun explodes.

Anachronox: The Movie

Anachronox: The Movie 2002

Based on the computer role-playing game (RPG) of the same name, Anachronox: The Movie is a feature-length "machinima" motion picture. In the 2002 Annual Machinima Awards, Anachronox was awarded first place for best picture, first place for best writing, first place for best technical achievement, first place for best visual design, and first place for best editing.