Ña Noniep

Ña Noniep 2009

Ña Noniep deals with the spiritual battle between a ri-anijnij (an evil Marshallese maker of black magic) and a noniep (a Marshallese fairy-like creature) for the soul of a 13-year old boy, Liki. His goal is to attend high school in America. Through no fault of his own, after a serious car accident involving his father and the family of his best friend, Miko, Liki finds his life threatened by Miko's evil grandmother, Lijimu, who is a woman known throughout the islands as a horribly diabolical maker of black magic. Lijimu casts a spell on Liki, and this drives the unusually nice, polite and studious boy, insane. Only the noniep can help him, but first the noniep must overcome the enormous power of the evil Lijimu. This enchanting battle is waged before the eyes of the boy's parents, Tomi and Delia, his best friend Miko, and his classmates who are all powerless to help him as he descends into a hellish existence.

The Two

The Two 2002

In St. Petersburg's environs, in the palace park of Pavlovsk, stands an original monument. The time didn't spare the metallic construction, that had been before, as it seems, a fountain with nude torso on its top. Now there's no figure above, but only the hand, uplifted to heaven in resolutely gesture. Created by time, this is monument for hand as the main ruler of human ideas. Hands bake bread, hands build the houses, teat ch children and care beloveds, create masterpieces and lead to the light. Hand, reached to friend, symbolize the brother ship, to rival - the conciliation. But the same time hand also may hold a weapon, hand signs the sentence of death, hand seduces, beats and even kills. So what the monument dedicated to - to Kind or Evil ? This question became the catalyst of making the film "The Two". On example of two young people relation there's make an attempt to philosophize on this theme.


Lake 2014

A hiker gets lost in the woods and decides to take a dip in the lake, where he encounters a mysterious young man.


Kaya 2018

In a remote Turkish village an ostracised orphan girl seeks out the forbidden Alevi in her quest for faith.

Exorcism Master

Exorcism Master 2017

Times of Ming Dynasty. Li Yanzhi is an orphan who looks good at all kinds of black technology. In order to feed a group of old, weak, sick, and homeless, he had to be entrusted by the eunuch Zhao Yuanqi to help the tomb thieves get rid of the ancient tomb organ and open the tomb of Huang Chao. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuanqi and Hanzi Jiang Hanzi used Huang Chao to plot a terrifying conspiracy that would surely lead to a bloody storm. Li Yanzhi finds that he is helping others to abuse, and may become a sinister who has caused a lot of evil. Li Yanzhi reformed the evil and returned to the right, and decided to stop the conspiracy of Zhao Yuanqi and Jiang Hanzi together with Xuan Yangzi and Qin Yu of the Chongyang religion. Li Yanzhi, who is completely incapable of martial arts, desperately crushed the conspiracy of the eunuch Zhao Yuanqi


Ishu 2017

Ambika, little Ishu's favourite aunt, has gone missing after the evil village quack has declared her as a witch. Will Ishu get her back

Take Me Home

Take Me Home 2018

Brothers eating dinner, a girl watering the plants, a boy awakening in the night… The daily scenery from the house where they all lived at one point or another.


Fluffiction 2018

Fluffy turtles, fluffy monkeys, fluffy lizards. Discover the world populated by these mysteriously charming imaginary creatures. They have adorably fluffy bodies and are becoming an ever more common sight in daily life.

Tokyo Halloween Night

Tokyo Halloween Night 2013

On Halloween day, the Sun gives a scarecrow girl one night freedom until Sunrise. Transforming herself into human being, she gets mixed up with crowds of a Halloween matchmaking party in the big city, Tokyo. Coming from rice paddies and feeling isolated from the real human beings, the scarecrow falls in love with a real zombie. They are only real monsters among all, so the scarecrow thinks he is 'different' from others. The zombie has strong sense of justice, and he only eats bad people's bad brains for the world peace. The scarecrow starts to follow the zombie's bad brain hunting. Even though the outsiders nurture love, the time limit approaches to end their happy journey.


SuatuKala 2018

Watch three classic tales with modern twists namely Malin Kundang, Merah dan Puteh & Badang in Suatukala and explore the behind the scenes of Suatukala along with interviews with the directors and cast.

The Granny's Apocrypha

The Granny's Apocrypha 2001

Saw and imagined in the children's fantasy the story of grandmother of Christ and the Apostles a little girl. Today few people remember that just a few decades ago in the village houses next to the icons you could still see the popular prints on religious themes. They finally disappeared from use only in the 60-ies of the last century. Of course, their creators were not professional painters or connoisseurs of theology. Drew, as best they could, she felt, not knowing neither rules nor laws. Simple uneducated people, nuggets, sought to glorify God with their creativity, that resonates in the hearts of those of peasants or artisans as they are.


Deliverer 2015

Airship slavers, a runaway, and a hooded stranger. As the three meet on the slopes of the border mountains, an unexpected hero holds evil at bay.


G. 2010

G. remembers how he came up with an idea, and devoted his life to make it happen. Now he is making progress and achieves an extraordinary act, only with the power of his mind.