The Radiant One

The Radiant One 2016

A troubled man turns himself in, believing he's harmed others but is at war with himself over the facts surrounding his quest for clarity and a brush with supernatural phenomena.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori 2016

After an accident, Daming can't remember what happened last night. Back home, he discovers in his closet the dead body of Gao Yan. Who killed this man hated by so many people included Daming himself?

Ghosts of Hamilton Street

Ghosts of Hamilton Street 2003

In this award-winning student film, a troubled writer questions his sanity as people in his life vanish without a trace - and it seems he's the only one who realizes it. Each disappearance catapults him into a version of the world in which that person never existed at all, and once he realizes the specific order to this phenomenon, he must try to save the people he loves from forces he may never understand.


Cocoon 2013

In an underground parking lot, young Alex is waiting for his mother - who made a quick stop at the mall. He decides to search for her, when a local security guard demands to help and draws him into a nightmare that threatens his existence.

The Face in the Fog

The Face in the Fog 1922

Boston Blackie Dawson gets some jewels that belonged to the imperial family of Russia. A gang of terrorists is after the jewels.


Alétheia 2016

In search of her lost doll, Sophia enters a parallel world full of questions and reflections.


Corridor 2013

A walk to his apartment one night, becomes a panic run through those uncanny endless corridors.

The Guard

The Guard 2001

The Guard is the world's first film with a single actor in the cast. Released in December 2001, the Indian Malayalam feature film has Kalabhavan Mani, the only actor on screen, playing the role of a forest guard in a lonely, isolated dense forest.

The Unbelievable 3: The Skeleton Road

The Unbelievable 3: The Skeleton Road 2014

Master Szeto is back and, with his mostly fearless crew in tow, he traipses across Asia in search of the supernatural. What he finds will either amuse or insult you, or perhaps both. But will it entertain you? That indeed is a mystery for us all. To find out how this reviewer fared, read on…if you dare.

My Killer

My Killer 2016

A young detective in the Northern Russian region of Yakutia is dealing with a seemingly simple murder case. The investigation becomes a dangerous journey into the world of illegal mining and gold trafficking in which life has no value.


M.J.S. 2016

In Auckland City a mysterious invasion begins on Guy Fawkes. Kate Hudspith-Gooch's breakout masterpiece is a poignant analysis of the human condition.