Alias the Champ

Alias the Champ 1949

Slammin’ Sammy Menacker is killed in the ring, and Gorgeous George (in his only film appearance) is arrested for murder. Out to clear his name is his manager Lorraine and cop Ron Peterson, who was already on the scene to investigate the Mob’s influence on pro wrestling.

Various Incarnations of a Tibetan Seamstress

Various Incarnations of a Tibetan Seamstress 1969

Originally, it was to be a serious look at Westerner's influenced by Eastern trends. As it developed, however it became much more humorous with characters in yoga positions with high heels and smoking cigarettes at the same time.

One Minute Before Death

One Minute Before Death 1972

Based on a work by Edgar Alan Poe. A woman finds herself possessed by the soul of another woman trapped inside a painting. Also known as The Oval Portrait

Lawless Breed

Lawless Breed 1946

Government agents Ted Everett and Tumbleweed are sent to Spearville, Texas, where the law agencies have failed to stop a series of bank robberies. Arriving incognito, they become involved with the gang, and end up being accused of murdering banker Bartlet Mellon. They escape a lynch mob and return with evidence that Mellon has faked his death, hoping to gain the insurance, and is also leading the gang under another name.

Good Mourning, Lucille

Good Mourning, Lucille 2014

Against a backdrop of deceitful intrigue and sexy escapades, a twin searches for her sister's killer while capturing all the potential suspects on camera.


Palimpsest 2008

Palimpsest charts the changing lives of the interior of one house over a period of three centuries, a time-frame compressed into ten minutes - portrayed through a combination of time -lapse, real-time, and stop-frame photography. The camera is fixed as the 'space' inside the frame itself transforms, destructs and evolves over the years: historical eras are evoked through references to 17th, 18th and 19th century painting and early 20th century cinema and the human presence in the house is signalled through scenes of everyday labor and domestic duty.



A broken-down sheriff is forced to join forces with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter to defeat an undead force consuming a small frontier town in 1892 New Mexico.

Nazi Mystery - Twins From Brazil

Nazi Mystery - Twins From Brazil 2009

In 2009 a bizarre story spreads around the globe, reported as fact in the world’s newspapers: Josef Mengele – the infamous escaped Nazi concentration camp doctor, the Angel of Death, may have succeeded in his lifelong goal of creating a blonde, blue-eyed master race. An historian says he has evidence that Mengele’s bizarre experiments on twins may not have ended at Auschwitz, that his efforts to engineer an Aryan master race continued and succeeded while on the run in South America.


Federsee 2013

A anti-ethnographic film that looks at the traditional folklore surrounding the celebration of Fasnet (carnival) in the small Schwabian town of Bad Buchau which is haunted by the violent story of a father drowning his family in the nearby lake, Federsee.


Moronga 2018

A psychotic US marine becomes an agent of chaos in a village in southern Mexico during a social uprising. On his journey towards Death, he discovers the truth behind a local tragedy involving a mysterious pregnant girl, and decides to do something about it... but gets it all wrong.

This Mystery is Excellent! ~ Challenge from Bestseller Writer

This Mystery is Excellent! ~ Challenge from Bestseller Writer 2014

Kashiopea no Endo Roru A murder takes place on a luxury overnight train which runs from Sapporo to Ueno, Tokyo. The victim is a film director. The suspects are 4 women. Nokosareta Senritsu After a pianist concludes her best performance to date, she dies mysteriously in the waiting room. The cause of her death is potassium cyanide that was laced in her coffee. Kuroi Pan Teru A man works as a supervisor for a construction company. 30 years ago, he was a popular actor who played a hero character on TV. Now, he has a wife and a 20-year-old daughter. One day, the man learns that his daughter is kidnapped. Daiyamondo Dasuto A cold wave hits Tokyo. Two men, working for the same company, are unable to avoid overtime work that night. The snow storm then causes electrical outages. The two men must face difficult life or death decisions.


Vanitas 2015

Sarah Grégoire is a young and enthusiastic art restorer who discovers that famous paintings are being replaced by replicas.

The File

The File 2015

The news anchor 'Soo-gyeong' unexpectedly meets up with her childhood friend 'Mi-soo'. Back when they were teenagers, they went to the baseball park and disappeared without a trace leaving only Soo-gyeong's painful memories of Mi-soo. And now, meeting Mi-soo again the once lively young girl has become someone completely different. Passing time together with her boyfriend 'Dong-min' Mi-soo's strange attitude starts to worry Soo-gyeong so that she pushes herself away and worries about how close Mi-soo and Dong-min have become...