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I was always excited for ‘Cats’, and to learn about it as a musical fan. The first trailer made me more excited, because seeing those god-awful effects only made me want to see it more. I always get excited for big-budget musicals because it means we could get more, but ‘Cats’ just fails on every level. It’s a boring musical with forgettable songs and uninteresting choreography... and then it also fails as a bad film, since it offers no batshit fun. Poking fun at the CGI is all well and good, but you can do that from the trailer, so there's no point being bored for two hours during this holiday season. Meow, that hurt indeed. - Chris dos Santos Read Chris' full article...
Theatrical plays or musicals will not always translate well into filmic language, that's well known and will not change, because both media are very different by nature. To question it is to deceive yourself. Personally I've never believed that Cats is a great musical but perhaps its success says something else but even so a film adaptation in my view just could not work. I didn't see how, especially considering the costumes but it was being made so the question now was how it was going to look. I know there's already a ''movie'' but that's basically a recording of the play. Then the trailers appeared and what they showed looked weird, off putting and scary, but the visual work is not always everything in a movie, yet something decisive was being played here. Eventually the defeat was inevitable. Cats is full of good intentions but it's a failure, not only because of terrible work in CGI and how it makes you feel but because it never manages to immerse you in the world of the story and is a bizarre world and I can have fun in bizarre worlds, it's only that this one is pretty misguided. I don't think it's that huge fiasco that a lot of film critics are saying it is and maybe eventually will find its niche and audience, after all worse films have become cults films, so that can surely happen but right now Cats is simply an idea that didn't work, that it wasn't well executed or directed and that although it's not a monumental catastrophe, it's indeed a gigantic disappointment.

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