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Decent watch at best, won't watch again, but can recommend. I only recommend this as I think enough people like J.C. Reilly, and SNL style skits. This movie is essentially a long series of SNL sketches sewn together. I'm not a fan of this style of writing because it doesn't seem to matter what order you put some of the bits in, it's just stopping the story to tell a joke or two, moving onto another joke or two, etc., until they decide to go back to the part of the movie that progresses the story. Perhaps, watching a movie like this critically is counter intuitive, but even if I were to turn my brain off and enjoy it, I'm not a fan of drug humor, Dewey Cox is a jerk, and the music focused comedy isn't that good to me, despite the music actually being enjoyable itself. "Let's Duet" was really good though. There something to like in here, and I can see it: it's just not enough to get me to come back when there are so many options out there.

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